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Wholesale Electronics to Licensed Dealers & Retailers

Our Ordering Policy

Ordering or Purchasing from our Company!

We are a wholesale distributor serving licensed dealers with a variety of electronic equipment. To purchase from us you will need to provide the following information.

* A Valid State Tax Resale Certificate (Form E-595 in NC)
* Your Contact Information (Phone, Fax, Email, etc)
* Your Company Name, Address, and Location

Dealers in North Carolina are required (by law) to provide a completed E-595 “Certificate of Exemption” form for our records. The form can be downloaded here
Fill it out on computer and print it. Then Mail, or Fax it using the info below.

We do not sell retail through our website, or otherwise, so if you see a product you like please contact one of our dealers near your location.

Note: The term "Licensed Reseller" means that you must obtain a "Tax Resale Certificate" or "License" from your State Internal Revenue Department. Online Retailers must also provide a copy of this certificate to JTI before we can legally sell to you!

You may contact our Company directly during regular business days between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EDT

J Tronix Inc.



   |   About Us   |   Policies     Ordering   |   Contact US

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